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Integrated Cold Chain Logistics Sdn. Bhd. (ICCL) is a new diversified company based in Bukit Minyak, Penang, Malaysia. We started operation in October 18th, 2006, initially; we are providing temperature-controlled storage and logistics services to processors, distributors, food service providers and retailers across all over Malaysia. We are the total logistics company which offering full supply chain management. Basically, we spearhead cold chain logistics services consist of warehousing services and distribution services.

The company operates a network of supply chain facilities, we provide a centralize and modernize refrigerated warehouse with a storage capacity of 2200 m³/mt. The centralized accommodate for optimal stacking and to prevent any other form of damages to customers’ products. Its temperature offered can reach -30°C throughout the network and all facilities with a computerized monitoring system feature.

The ante rooms connected to it also have the same temperature controlled facilities. All our loading bays connected to the ante rooms are fully equipped with automatic dock boards which can be elevated for easy access by all kinds of vehicles or operate container for loading and unloading purposes. Currently, we have 7 loading bays and 22 container charging bays. The facilities also comprise 25 units of refrigerated trucks to support our domestic distribution network.

ICCL also aims to provide its customers a high level of commitment and impeccable service through sourcing of products for them and better invoicing according to their logistical and support need. This is being managed through computerized Warehouse Management System (WMS). We have purchased up-to-date machinery for cleaning and packing, imported software and computers to boost up our value added services.

As for ICCL future outlook, we intend to continue expanding the company through growth of its existing business and strategically improve its supply chain by further strengthening our people, infrastructure and information technology. At the moment, we still have more than 3.0 acres of reserved area for future expansion. Whereas, for the logistics side has the capacity about 100 lorries and another 11 loading bays, become 18 loading bays in total.

ICCL  is constantly looking forward to achieve best in excellence and quality of service to our customer in order to maximize the market potential. It is essential in creating working relationships that are mutually beneficial and sustainable with both our clients and principles. We trust that to grow with the culture that always emphasize on cost effective delivery, efficient management, storage and timely distribution, we are sure that we can work together with our customers for mutual benefits.