The key warehousing, logistical & fulfillment services offered by ICCL:

3PL Warehousing

  • Our warehousing and handling facilities are designed as complete physical distribution and multi-temp cold chain service centre. With a supporting of high end Warehousing Management System (WMS) to meet the changing demands within client’s supply chain.

Logistic Management

  • As A Logistic Service Provider, We deliver comprehensive, customized services, improve Logistic Workflow Management to meet ever-tighter deadlines and provide on-demand shipment status. ICCL provides an integrated, flexible set of solutions that enables clients to handle complex business processes while managing operational activities.


  • We specialize in sourcing, negotiation and purchasing, as well as providing inventory accuracy and control with timely orders processing.

Value-added Services

  • From pick and pack, kitting labeling, shrink wrapping, repacking to special packaging, ICCL provides with our fulfillment services to tailor every single client’s requirements and to get their products to market in the most cost and services efficient method possible.